Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mongozo Premium Pilsner (Belgium) 5.0%

Mongozo Premium Pilsner (Belgium) 5.0%

Gold in a glass with a little less than an inch of off-white head that was fairly resilient for a gluten-free beer. Smelled quite a bit like a typical pilsner at first, a dry sort of hops aroma with some malt-like aroma, sort of like a American Adjunct Lager. Then the slightly sour and a little cheesy aroma I've found in many gluten-free beers. Wow, it tastes remarkably like a typical pilsner or Euro Lager. There is a faint sourness but other than that it's hard to tell the difference between Mongozo Premium Pilsner and any other gluten bearing pilsner: quite impressive.

Note: Brewed in Belgium under license for a brewery from the Netherlands.


  1. This beer should not be tagged as gluten-free, given that barley malt is an ingredient.

    1. The brewer and EU have designated this as a Gluten-Free product and it says so on the label. Gluten can be removed so just because they use barley malt does not mean the beer is not gluten free.

      Thank you for your comment.