Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Octoberfest!

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier (Germany) 6.0%

The most notable thing about this beer is its awesome format. The glass, the 1 litre can of beer and the cardboard flaps holding the two together cost somewhere in the realm of $13.00 at liquor stores in New Brunswick and is well worth it; the glass alone is worth nearly that much to me.

The beer itself pours clear and golden. The aroma is malty and sweet but also hoppy, and the taste is much the same. Very pleasant but mild tasting, a combination that would make it very easy to drink lots of this beer (I think that's the idea).

I highly recommend this purchase, the glass is fantastic, the beer is good and traditional, and the can itself is sturdy and has a great label (piggy bank perhaps?).
Happy Oktoberfest!


  1. Hey. Are these beer+glass sets available all year round in your area?

    1. They aren't, the liquor store folks buy a bunch of them and then they are on the shelves until somebody buys them. Last time there were some available until right around Christmas.

      Fortunately October isn't too far away!

    2. They are available now in NB Liquor stores all across the province.

  2. I would have picked up one of these bad boys last year from my local Sobeys (Loblaws) Liquor store, but that mug is simply too heavy for my thin rubberband biceps to muscle up, even empty. So I like to check local thrift stores for good-looking and lighter beer-branded glassware, and try my damndest not to knock them over with errant elbows. I've lost a couple of gorgeous ones that way.