Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bard's Gold - Bard's Beer Co (USA - New York - Utica)

Bard's Gold - Bard's Beer Co (USA - New York - Utica) 4.6%

An off putting yeasty and sort of medicinal aroma with tones of stinky cheese. Fortunately it is tastier than that. Though the taste is metallic and herbal. Yeasty too but the head and look of the beer are like any other. A coppery-gold colour in a glass.

The bottlecap has a cool graphic and each has a discussion provoking question underneath (mine read: " Which is more dangerous to own: nuclear fuel rods or a trampoline?") which all goes along with the cheery slogan, " Discuss it over a Bard's".

Not my favourite beer to drink by a long shot but definitely better than the other gluten free beer I have tried and I'm sure there are many people suffering from Celiac's disease who are grateful for this option.


  1. Daas Ambré and Blonde, both gluten free and 100% organic; water, hops, barley and yeast,no rice, sorghum or corn. Brewed in Wallonia in Sothern Belgium at a brewery with over 900 years of tradition.

    1. That's really interesting, I am a big fan of lots of Belgian beers. Do you know how they get rid of the gluten that is naturally present in barley?