Saturday, January 5, 2013

Terrible - Unibroue (Canada - Quebec - Chambly) 10.5%

Terrible - Unibroue (Canada - Quebec - Chambly) 10.5%

Huge frothy head with each pour. A very dark brown in a glass, not quite opaque. A yeasty, floral aroma of nectar, a few wood tones, very sweet and herbal. Some dark malt touches too of molasses and rye bread.

The first sip is a little overwhelming, but the distinct flavours come into focus with a few more sips. La Terrible has a yeasty herbal taste, very strong and very sweet, and you can taste the alcohol pretty clearly at times. Plenty of darker malt flavours like rye bread and molasses. Not surprisingly, an ale this strong really warms your chest and will give you a pretty good glow after a few glasses. When you consider how powerful the initial flavour is it's a little unexpected how balanced this ale actually ends up being: the Belgian yeast flavours of spicy and floral nectar are nicely paired with the dark malt flavours of a brown ale to make this beer taste like a lovely dessert wine with a darker touch that reminds of something like an exotic fig and port reduction.

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