Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hoegaarden Rosée (Beligum) 3.0%

Hoegaarden Rosée (Beligum) 3.0%

Quite pink in a glass, cloudy. Lots of raspberry but strawberry too in the aroma; a bit like strawberry-rhubarb pie. Tastes a lot like Hoegaarden mixed with fruit juice... because that's pretty much what it is. Some wheat flavours come through with a touch of coriander. Hoegaarden Rosée has a moderately creamy mouthfeel, it is quite sweet but still a little tart, though not very tart, with plenty of raspberry and strawberry flavours that kind of run to peach.

Overall, Hoegaarden Rosée is a very low alcohol, wheat-ale-based, fruit-flavoured wobbly pop: tasty but not really a good fit for beer lovers. It is refreshing enough and could certainly make for an interesting ingredient in some beertails (cocktails made with beer).

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