Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Octoberfest!

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier (Germany) 6.0%

The most notable thing about this beer is its awesome format. The glass, the 1 litre can of beer and the cardboard flaps holding the two together cost somewhere in the realm of $13.00 at liquor stores in New Brunswick and is well worth it; the glass alone is worth nearly that much to me.

The beer itself pours clear and golden. The aroma is malty and sweet but also hoppy, and the taste is much the same. Very pleasant but mild tasting, a combination that would make it very easy to drink lots of this beer (I think that's the idea).

I highly recommend this purchase, the glass is fantastic, the beer is good and traditional, and the can itself is sturdy and has a great label (piggy bank perhaps?).
Happy Oktoberfest!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Propeller Hefeweizen (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax)

Propeller Hefeweizen (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax) 5.3%

Full gold in a glass, this Hefeweizen from Propeller hits on all cylinders. A yeasty bread aroma with hints of the flavours to come: cloves, dried banana chips, sweetness and spice. These flavours dance across the palate along with flashes of pumpkin, earthy nuttiness, as well as floral spiciness. A mouth wateringly nutty and earthy aftertaste, with echos of the cloves explosion, means the drinker will be reaching for a second shortly after finishing the first. Propeller really nailed this one, delectable and true to the style. Just a fantastic beer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Faxe Three

Faxe Premium (Denmark) 5.0%

A gold colour in a glass this beer has a nice head but went flat quickly. Fairly bitter, malty and somewhat thick and sweet. While certain characteristics of this beer aren't bad the mix is not appetizing at all and despite the low price of this beer this is not one that I would recommend.

Faxe Fest Bock (Denmark) 7.0%

A dark brown beer. It is malty, roasty and very bitter (almost sour) and a little sweet. It's reminiscent of Yule Beers which appear on shelves all over Scandinavia in the months leading up to Christmas (check out these reviews and these and this one, for an idea of what Yule Beers are all about).

Unlike its 10% brethren that includes glucose syrup amongst its ingredients, this Faxe is made with only water, barley malt, and hops. Like the 10% Faxe it is very cheap (selling for $2.85 for 500ml including tax and deposit) but unlike the 10% Faxe it's actually pretty good.

Faxe Extra Strong Beer (Denmark) 10.0%

I was surprised to see a complete ingredient list on the side of this 500ml can of beer. I was even more surprised to find glucose syrup as the third ingredient. I guess they needed something to make the yeast pump out enough booze to make this beer 10% ABV. It's bitter, sickly sweet, gold in a glass and very cheap. Very cheap is likely the only reason this thing sells and only to people who are looking to get drunk ... and those who are on a mission to review every beer they can find.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Belgian Brown

De Koninck (Belgium - Antwerp) 5.0%

A deep amber brown in a glass this Belgian beer smells malty and musty like it's just come out of a dusty barrel brought up from the cellar. Malty, bitter and largely without sweetness. Kind of watery (which makes it somewhat refreshing at first) but with a lasting musky taste that lingers and makes the beer taste as though it ought to be stronger than 5.0%. An interesting brown beer with an eye-catching bottlecap.