Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boris Bold (France) 8.6%

Not surprisingly, this high alcohol beer has a high alcohol burn. Though expected this makes the rest of the flavours a little difficult to access. It is quite malty and a little hoppy. Like many strong beers the malt and the alcohol taste mix to form something a little sticky but it certainly tastes better than most.

On the darker side of full gold, nearly a brass sort of colour in glass.

This beer is kind of neat, its alcohol burn is more like that of a strong mixed drink but the typical beer flavours of malt (mostly malt) and a hops touch are there too. An interesting beer to try and certainly and interesting option for those who like strong beers (and 8.6% is really strong); however, if you don't like tasting your alcohol give this one a pass.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ambrosia Blonde - Alexander Keith's (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax) 5.2%

A full gold colour in a glass. Keith's Ambrosia Blonde has a sweetness to it with a slightly caramel taste. It is only barely bitter but is fairly malty with some roasted malt flavour and has some mild wooden tones. The aroma is along much the same lines though the roast and the caramel flavours share the spot light whereas the roast stays more in the background of the taste.

A very pleasant beer: well balanced and tasty. Keith's has come out with several limited release beers lately, I really liked the Tartan Ale - I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. Hopefully they are considering moving towards having a variety of their beers out there all year round.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Royal 100: 1910-2010 - Mount Royal University & Wild Rose Brewery (Canada - Alberta - Calgary)

In honour of the 101st anniversary of Mount Royal University I will review the beer released to celebrate their 100th:
Royal 100: 1910-2010 - Mount Royal University & Wild Rose Brewery (Canada - Alberta - Calgary) 5.0%

Tastes of red malt make this beer taste warm with bitter hop tones. The mix of flavours were perfect for winter. A tasty beer and a grand one liter bottle - handy for homebrew too! A deep reddish amber colour in a glass.

It was brewed by the neighbouring Wild Rose Brewery for Mount Royal University located in Calgary in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Mount Royal University's founding.