Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two from my International Neighbour: Shipyard (USA - Maine - Portland)

Fuggles IPA - Shipyard (USA - Maine - Portland) 5.8%

A brass colour in a glass. Very bitter, a tacky sticky spruce sap hops flavour with a slightly metallic tone. A toasted bread flavour comes through as well; especially in the aftertaste which is also bitter. A slight hint of the somewhat elevated alcohol content. Not particularly sweet although the malt is present, roasted and a touch dark.

Shipyard Export Ale (USA - Maine - Portland) 5.1%

A sweet caramel aroma with a light cedar hop smell. The aroma changes from strongly caramel to more of a mix of caramel and light cedar smell. A taste that is at first nearly evenly split between hop bitterness and malty sweetness. Although it isn't very sweet, the caramel and slightly roasty sweetness eventually wins out. A nicely constructed and easy drinking beer with some character.

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