Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Fruit Flavoured Wheats from Garrison Brewing (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax)

Raspberry Wheat - Garrison Brewing (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax) 4.6%

A very cloudy yellow in a glass and well carbonated. It smells like a wheat beer with a stronger apricot-ish scent than raspberry. The taste is quite bitter along with tart raspberry flavours. This is a genuine wheat beer that tastes like it was actually brewed with raspberries rather than just having raspberry flavour added afterwards. However, if you are looking for a fruity beer to share with a non-beer lover, be forewarned that this beer isn't very sweet so may not be the best conversion tool. It is very good though.

Blackberry Wheat - Garrison Brewing (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax) 4.6%

A really nice blackberry aroma, hints of coriander; so it actually is a wheat beer. The taste is much same as the aroma. Gold colour but slightly cloudy giving it a reddish hue. A very pleasant fruit flavoured beer.

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