Saturday, September 29, 2012

Picaroons Harvest Ale (Canada - New Brunswick - Fredericton)

Picaroons Harvest Ale (Canada - New Brunswick - Fredericton) 5.5%

A green hop aroma with some resin and celery, sweet malt and earthiness. It is very foamy and has a super frothy head and spectacular lacing. Copper coloured in a glass.

Quite bitter with a mix of nice hop flavours: green vegetal tastes, touches of resin. In addition to the hops, Harvest Ale has some balancing malt sweetness, though the hops win out, and a touch of earthiness. All in all a nice tasting beer.

Picaroons Harvest Ale is an example of a rash of new beers from the Maritime Provinces that use fresh or "wet" hops (to indicate that they haven't been dried). Brewers in the Maritimes have the opportunity to use wet hops during harvest time now that numerous hop farms big and small have sprung up all across the region. It certainly is an exciting time to be a craft beer lover. Picaroons has included on their label a stamp to indicate variety of hop the farm and batch from which the hops originated and even a link to a page on their main website that identifies the farmers. Pretty great community building.

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  1. enjoying one as i read this post. Iam a local to the picaroons shire..and must give nothing but the highest grade to this crisp hoppy seasonal. very glad it was available in bottles instead of the elusive growler only runs. great beer. have around 4.