Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Greene King (England - Suffolk)

Greene King Abbey Ale (England - Suffolk) 5.0%

A clear glowing burnt orange colour in a glass. Quite bitter with touches of caramel and roast. Numerous fruit tones combine to make give this Abbey Ale a heady taste with sherry-like hints. In fact it tastes as though it has an alcohol content quite a bit higher than it actually does. Despite the many different flavours Greene King Abbey Ale is fairly mild except for its bitter roast and its caramel flavour.

Greene King IPA (England - Suffolk) 5.0%

Very strong initial oak and caramel tones in the aroma. The aroma changes to something more of caramel and roast with quite a bitter backing though wooden tones do still linger. A nearly fiery copper colour in a glass.

The taste is very sweet: plenty of caramel or crystal malt in this beer! Also bitter, the wooden tones continue from the aroma to the taste, and a hint of alcohol which I find a touch surprising since it is only 5.0% ABV. The aftertaste is not particularly long lasting: flavours of roast and caramelized sugar fade slowly into a very warm and encouraging (to take another drink) glow.

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