Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale (Canada - Ontario - Toronto)

Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale (Canada - Ontario - Toronto) 6.0%

Brewed with pineapple juice this Pale Ale would be considered an American Pale Ale so it drinks more like an IPA. It has an extremely hoppy aroma that is chock full of cedar and resin; and the smell of pineapple juice comes through too. The taste is along the same "oh-goody" lines: very hoppy, with cedar and resin tones, though the beer as a whole isn't overly bitter, and the pineapple juice comes through as well. Gold with an amber touch in a glass.

Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale is really neat, the pineapple juice is really obvious in one way but totally blends in at the same time: it is there if you are looking for it but because it mixes so well with the hops that it can go completely unnoticed. It's a wonderful idea to make a really hoppy Pale Ale like this and add pineapple juice, and I very much enjoy this beer. There is some very light sediment at the bottom of the beer which can make the beer quite a bit more bitter and obscure the pineapple if it makes its way into your glass.

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