Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wolfgang's (Canada - Ontario - Stoney Creek) 5.9%

Wolfgang's (Canada - Ontario - Stoney Creek) 5.9%

The aroma is that Pilsner dry hops aroma and brassy touch of roast; mildly bitter and some sweet malt with just a hint of honey. The taste is exactly along the same lines with the bitterness at the first, with a very sweet middle, the finish contains more of the roast flavour and the aftertaste is a mix of all three flavours. The dry hops flavour comes through just a touch musty but that doesn't detract from the overall taste of the beer which is quite good. Wolfgang's is a fine German style beer; so, if you live in Ontario or thereabouts and like Pilsners, please be an Earth-conscious beer drinker: try Wolfgang's and save the world the shipping. Full gold in a glass.

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