Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wells IPA - Wells and Young Brewing Company (UK) 5.0%

Wells IPA - Wells and Young Brewing Company (UK) 5.0%

Malty, bitter, musty aroma with a hint of raisins. An amber hinted light brown in a glass. The taste is malty, quite bitter and yet not hoppy. Grain tastes like rye bread, a pale ale nutty flavour round out the body which is nice once you accept the lack of hops.

There is musty flavour in the background suggesting this particular can may not have aged all that well on its way to Canada. The nice slightly bitter and malty aftertaste is probably the best part of this beer and it persuades you to go back for more. The beer is very much an English Pale Ale rather than what you'd expect from an IPA, even an English IPA that is not going to have the strong citrus or cedar hop flavours of an American IPA.

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