Monday, March 25, 2013

Suiyoubi No Neko - Yo-Ho Brewing (Japan - Nagano) 4.5%

Suiyoubi No Neko - Yo-Ho Brewing (Japan - Nagano) 4.5%

Gold in a glass, absolutely clear - not cloudy at all. The aroma is of nectar and malty sweetness. From the aroma and appearance it is fair to say Suiyoubi No Neko is more like a Belgian Blonde Ale than a Beglian White so far.

The taste is sweet and nectary like a Belgian Blonde but with coriander touches and a slightly creamy mouthfeel like a Wheat. While the style may be a bit of a mash-up the flavour is wonderful: sweet and floral with touches of apricot along with the nectar and coriander. It is also well balanced and refreshing. Suiyoubi No Neko really does seem to me like a cross between a Belgian Blonde Ale and a Belgian White but that is a pretty delightful combination and, as a result, this beer is thoroughly delicious. Also the can is incredibly cute.


  1. Hello Beermaven, I'm also a New-Brunswicker and I'm also as much obsessed as you with good beer, I'm fascinated that you got your hands on a Craft/Crafty Japanese Ale would you mind sharing how you pulled that one off?

    - Best Regards, Anonymous Reader.

    1. I was lucky enough to have them brought back from Japan for me by my fiancee when she was travelling there. However, I have read that several of these Yo-Ho Brewing beers are also available in some places in the States so potentially you might find them in Canadian private liquor stores (like Premier Wine and Spirits in Halifax). Good luck!