Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Estrella Damm (Spain - Barcelona) 4.6%

Estrella Damm (Spain - Barcelona) 4.6%

Estrella pours a pale gold with a thick and fairly resilient head which leaves behing some nice lacing and is a bit surprising. A malty, lightly hoppy aroma with something that reminds me just a little of pears.

A sweet, at times bordering on overly sweet, malty taste with overtones of lightly toasted bread, balanced with just a bit of hops and bitterness. Over all this is actually a nice tasting lager, however a glance at the ingredients list (that I'm guessing the EU forces the brewer to include) shows that Estrella uses rice and maize rather than just barley and a stabilizing agent called propylene glycole alginate. Needless to say this certainly isn't an ingredient list I associate with craft beer and it goes to show that even though it doesn't taste half bad this is a megabrewery's international lager not a craft beer.

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