Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plowman's Ale - Grand River Brewing (Canada - Ontario - Cambridge)

Plowman's Ale - Grand River Brewing (Canada - Ontario - Cambridge) 4.7%

Hoppy aroma, sweet and some tones of roasty fresh brown bread or even rising bread dough. Some fruit esters and something that smells a little like alcohol at first blush - but that can't be right as it is only 4.7%. Quite brown and gold with a reddish hint in a glass and ever so slightly cloudy. A slick creamy head with frothy, robust nearly lumpy lacing. Some fine sediment towards the end of the bottle that kicks the cloudiness up a notch.

A hoppy, darkly resiny taste, still some fruit esters, roasty and just a touch sticky like many reds. A nice American Amber as the hefty hops tones and bitter finish are balanced with rough malt tones and the more traditional red flavours. At times the bitterness of the hops flavours and the fruit ester combine to make something nearly port-like but it is all very nice and Plowman's Ale strikes lovely balance between food like malt flavours and bitter green hops flavours.

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