Friday, November 16, 2012

Picaroons Winter Warmer (Canada - New Brunswick - Fredericton)

Picaroons Winter Warmer (Canada - New Brunswick - Fredericton) 7.3%

Caramel, molasses, brown sugar, a coffee hint, some wood tones and a touch of alcohol in the aroma. Dark but not opaque, a clear, very dark reddish brown with a velvety head and lovely thick lacing. Quite a strong coffee flavour, wood tones, hops, strongish alcohol touches and some nice caramel high notes as is typical of Picaroons ales. Fairly bitter but some sweet brown sugar in there too. Chocolatey dark malt finish along with some smoky wood tones from the mix of dark malt, alcohol and hops. Though there are tastes of alcohol the strength of this 7.3% beer is carried well by the broad and creamy dark malt flavours. This tasty heavy ale will do more than only warm you on a winter's night, it will feed you too!

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