Monday, July 16, 2012

A Trio of Beers from China

This review of Chinese beers has something for everyone (sort of): a bad lager, an average lager and a really good lager.

Pearl River - Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery (China) 5.3%

This beer pours crystal clear and bright gold in a glass. It has a strong hops and skunky aroma probably as a result of off-flavours caused by exposure to UV-B. Only lightly carbonated, quite sweet, lightly malty. A slightly different twist on an international lager: not as carbonated, not as malty, a little sweeter, and maybe more hoppy (or just more skunky). It is not bad but it is unremarkable, the only reason it is worth a try only is because it is from far away: pass.

Tsingtao (China) 5.0%

Skunky and sweet with an unpleasant scummy mouth feel. An uninteresting international lager.

Lucky Buddha - Cheerday Brewing (China) 4.8%

A sweet and dry hop aroma like that a Euro lager. Fully carbonated and leaves a good head that clings to the glass. A surprisingly fresh sweet malty taste, lightly hoppy and with some very light fruit tones of melon, banana and maybe citrus. Not very bitter; a pleasant malty aftertaste that doesn't fade too quickly. A slightly pale gold in a glass with a slightly brown hue.

I did not expect great things from this beer except that I'd get to keep the awesome bottle (it's really cool) but it is a very nice lager: refreshing and interesting.

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