Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lagers from South East Asia

Yellow and fizzy lager is international - brewed and drunk everywhere. Here is a round up of three from South East Asia.

Tiger (Singapore) 5.0%

Pale gold. Very carbonated, light, sweet, malty. Yellow, fizzy international lager. Refreshing and with very little aftertaste. Not much to distinguish it from any other beer of this type but if a lager is all you're after this one will do the trick - though you might as well buy local.

Singha Lager (Thailand) 5.0%

Very sweet taste that somehow didn't interfere with the pleasant, though standard, lager taste.  I also really like the bottle cap.

Chang (Thailand) 5.0%

Very strong malty smell and sweet like creamed corn. The taste is along much the same lines, but also a very slight hint of hops and bitterness. A pretty nice international lager.  A really cool bottle cap and label.

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