Friday, July 6, 2012

Three Summertime Lime Beers

Bud Light Lime Mojito 4.0%

Gold in a glass. Strong lime flavour, very pronounced: probably the strongest lime flavour I've had in a lime flavoured beer and it's also very minty. It is also very sweet but in a way that brings to mind fruit rather than sugar. Of the flavoured beers I have tried this has to be one of the more interesting: they were trying to make a beer that tastes like a mojito and, using natural ingredients, they did an excellent job. To be clear this is a beer that isn't just flavoured with lime and mint, Bud Light Lime Mojito is flavoured to the point that it tastes just like the lime and mint in a mojito. If you light lime beers you must try this one at least once and, obviously, if you hate flavoured beers steer clear. When paired with food it tastes less like a mojito and more like a mojito flavoured beer, as in some of mint taste seems to be replaced by regular old Bud Light barely malty (not barley) flavour.

Canadian 67 Sublime - Molson (Canada) 3.0%

A neat quirk of Molson Sublime 67 is a "Nutrition Facts" sheet stuck on its backside complete with a large number of zeroes and "not a significant source of"'s. The label is interesting because it is rare among beers though hardly surprising for a beer whose marketing is based on it having only 67 calories.

Very, very pale gold in a glass with an aroma of lime and lemon. Tastes ever so slightly malty (EVER so slightly) and sweet with the expected and pleasant touches of lime and lemon. It isn't overly sweet by any means but I thought the sweetness was a little strange for a beer with 0 grams of sugar unless they used artificial sweeteners however that seems unlikely because there is no mention of them on the label and that would pose an allergy risk.

At 3.0% this is a refreshing summer beer that is great for situations that call for low-alcohol content such as meeting the in-laws for the first time, or for the company picnic as well as for those looking for a low calorie alternative.

Tuborg Lime Cut (Denmark) 4.5%

It is hard to actually tell this is a beer. While other lime flavoured beers are just that, beers flavoured with some lime, Tuborg Lime Cut tastes only like lime. Judging by the name, Tuborg Lime Cut, I expected something more subtly flavoured as though it only had a wedge (or cut) of lime added.

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