Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Euro Lagers - Part 1: The Czech Republic

With so many European Lagers/Pilsners out there with such similar flavours I thought they ought to be posted en masse starting with the Czech Republic and two from the town that lent its name to the class of beer.

Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic - Pilsen) 4.4%

A delightful gold in a glass, fully carbonated with a nice head. This pilsner comes from the Czech city of Pilsen, and this is where the pilsner was born and from which the pilsner name is derived. A pleasant malt background with a distinctive dry hops bitterness and a somewhat fruity finish. It's aroma malty and slightly bitter & metallic. A beer with a distinct taste and a good story to boot.

Gambrinus (Czech Republic - Pilsen) 4.1%

"ORIGINAL - Gambrinus has all the merits of beers brewed in Pilsen, especially including a delicious, slightly bitter flavour, rich colour, ample foam and full carbonation."

A pleasant light flavoured beer but with enough dry hops bitterness and character that you can still tell it's a pilsner. Definitely well carbonated - can't be drinking this one too quickly without belching. Surprisingly dark golden colour for a pilsner but still well on the light side of an ale.

Czechvar (Czech Republic) 5.0%

Gold in a glass, this beer is bitter and has a dry, hoppy flavour. Despite being quite bitter with that pronounced dry hops flavour I mentioned, Czechvar is also quite watery and has a quickly fading aftertaste.

Yellow, fizzy and refreshing but, as the label brags, this is a proper European, pilsner. The Czech Republic is the home of the town of Pilsen (of Pilsner fame) and there can be no doubt that this solid beer draws heavily on that proud, dry, hoppy tradition.

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