Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chimay Red - Peres Trappistes (Belgium)

Chimay Red - Peres Trappistes (Belgium) 7.0%

Fruity, sweet and thick. Strong flavours of apricot with a smooth finish but with a bit of bite. Apricot red and cloudy in a glass with some light sediment but the sediment is so light it doesn't present a problem to drink.


  1. I'm a collector of aluminum bottles in Argentina and am looking for a bottle of BORIS aluminum BEER came to Canada in 2008, if you contact me on my mail I can send a photo and see if I I could get. So could fix if you are interested in a trade or I can buy it, because I hope your mail, Juan Cruz

    1. I don't have the item you are looking for. I don't actually have a collection per se. Good luck with your search. Cheers!