Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yukon Red - Yukon Brewing (Canada - Yukon - Whitehorse) 5.5%

Yukon Red - Yukon Brewing (Canada - Yukon - Whitehorse) 5.5%

A nice deep amber colour in a glass. A surprisingly hoppy aroma, roasty with a bit of a glaze-like aspect. Also a touch of molasses or toffee in the aroma.

A very appetizing mix of hops bitterness, red fruit esters, roasty sweetness and touches of grain. There is plenty of malt and just a bit of something chocolatey in the dry finish. The hops character is relatively muted but it provides a nice balance some mild spice. The hops character is slightly astringent with a little pine and a some fresh cut grass but none of these stand out very much because of the robust and positively yummy malt flavours.

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