Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lezajsk (Poland)

Lezajsk (Poland) 5.5%

Gold in a glass with some lacing as well as a frothy head that fades quickly though not as quickly as some lagers. Lezajsk also has a malty and sweet aroma that has a more robust and rounded malt character that many other Euro lagers. A malty flavour with a bit of toasted bread, slightly sweet, moderately bitter (for a lager) with a lingering, bitter (for a lager) and ever so slightly toasted aftertaste.

Not a beer that is going to 'wow' you but I think it's a bit of a stand-out from an uninteresting class. If you like Euro Lagers on the bitter end of the spectrum Lezajsk is worth trying. I always recommend local brews rather than imports but if you're in Poland or you are going to buy an imported lager (like Grolsch) anyway pick one up, you may like it better. If, ceteris paribus, I had to choose between Lezajsk or any of those North American megabrew international lagers I'd have to go with the Lezajsk as it has more depth of malt flavour, a better balance and a better level of overall bitterness.

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