Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Fantastic Seasonal from the Pump House Brewery (Canada - New Brunswick - Moncton)

Thai Wheat - Pump House Brewery (Canada - New Brunswick - Moncton) 5.0% to 5.5%

Spicy, slightly nutty aroma. The taste is amazing: spicy like a touch of chili flakes and ginger with lots of floral, yeasty tones (a bit of apricot) typical of a conventional Belgian wheat and some nutty toasted bread malt flavours. A cloudy pale gold. A watery mouthfeel keeps it refreshing. I really want to pair this with stir-fry and similar food. A great beer with lots of great character and good balance.

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out....the waitress did not mention its availability when we ordered over the weekend, glad to have had the chance to try it. It's a good one, and something I will return to when it's on tap again.