Monday, March 12, 2012

Tartan Ale (2012) - Alexander Keith's (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax)

Tartan Ale 2012 - Alexander Keith's (Canada - Nova Scotia - Halifax) 6.1%

As promised on their website in 2011, Alexander Keith's Tartan Ale was a work in progress. I am very pleased to once again find Tartan Ale in the beer aisle in 2012. I think the 2012 version is even better than I remember so I've decided to review it again.

Alexander Keith's Tartan Ale is quite sweet, with a touch of caramel; it has a subtle hops backing and is full of roasty red tones. It is somewhat bitter and at times I taste some hints of coffee. Overall it is complicated and interesting but well balanced and still very drinkable. Tartan Ale is a red tinted gold colour in a glass and, in my opinion, far and away the best beer Keith's makes.

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