Monday, April 1, 2013

Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale (Canada) 5.5%

Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale (Canada) 5.5%

A clear brass colour in a glass with a fluffy white head. The aroma is roasty and very sweet with the distinct Cascade notes of resin and citrus (tangerine): it is a aromatic combination that is quite appealing. The taste is not quite as hoppy as the aroma but the hops are clearly there: resiny and green with notes of cedar and light citrus (orange). Alexander Keith's Cascade Hop Ale is fairly sweet, moderately bitter and the malt body is there (and roasty) but really only as a stage for the hops character to play upon. All in all this beer drinks as a pretty good American Pale Ale which is honestly a bit of a surprise since it is an Alexander Keith's product. It could do a better job of portraying the Cascade hop flavour if it had a bit of a stronger hop flavour but that is getting nit-picky. Worth trying though and actually sessionable.

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