Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tanaka - Corsaire Microbrasserie (Canada - Quebec - St Laurent)

Tanaka - Corsaire Microbrasserie (Canada - Quebec - St Laurent) 4.8%

Beer bonus! For some reason the can was actually overfull. Ok, well, moving on.

Tanaka pours a slightly cloudy pale gold. Gingery taste like ginger powder while the ginger aroma is more like fresh ginger. Also some typical wheat flavours make appearances in both the taste and the aroma: coriander and floral flavours make a nice combination with the ginger. Fairly bitter aftertaste but Tanaka is overall relatively mild for a flavoured beer even the ginger flavour is fairly muted and only a part of the other beer flavours. Towards the end of the beer there is quite a lot of sediment but it doesn't change the flavour very much. Overall a fine flavoured wheat, less heavy handed than some others.

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