Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aventinus - G. Schneider & Sohn (Germany)

Aventinus - G. Schneider and Sohn (Germany) 8.2%

A cloudy orange-brown colour in a glass. Floral, sweet, roasty aroma; yeasty and wheaty. Spicy and herbal: coriander, cloves perhaps and hints of something nearly minty.

The flavour is distinctly a wheat while also very sweet, with vanilla as well as dark fruit tones like prunes and fig also very roasty and tones of banana. High alcohol hints but it doesn't taste very strongly of alcohol. A bit flat out of the bottle but it doesn't take away from the taste which is delicious. Some light sediment in the bottom, it wouldn't hurt to get a bit in the glass as it can add to the depth of flavour.

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