Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Miller [Summer] Time!!

Here's my review of a pair of citrus flavoured summer brews by Miller Brewing Company.

Miller Chill (USA) 4.0%

This beer's aroma is Miller Genuine Draft, light but creamy, with the expected hint of lime. This beer is more carbonated than many beers but that only helps make Miller Chill more refreshing. The lime is not exactly subtle but not overpowering either: it balances well with the mild maltiness so that Miller Chill still tastes like beer. A good summer beer that pairs well with food, softball and sunshine.

Miller Chill Lemon (USA) 4.0%

Tastes just like Miller Genuine Draft with lemon instead of lime: it doesn't taste sweetened, simply flavoured. It makes it refreshing, a nice summertime beer. I think I prefer the lime Miller Chill because I find it more drinkable, but then again I also prefer limes to lemons, so it's just a matter of personal preference. I'm a little surprised other mega-breweries haven't made lemon flavoured light beers since it seems like every one of them has a lime beer. The lemon is a nice change from the lime though obviously still along the lines of light citrus flavoured beers.

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