Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La Fin du Monde - Unibroue (Canada - Quebec)

La Fin du Monde - Unibroue (Canada - Quebec) 9.0%

A delectable spice filled floral aroma, matched by an amazing flavour. Strongly sweet, yeasty, bitter with powerful notes of citrus, pear, coriander. This product of Quebec tastes like a true Tripel from the abbeys of Belgium. To think, it's taken me so long to try this one!! La Fin du Monde is a little thicker on the toungue than some but really beautifully crafted and has a truly amazing mix of flavours not to mention the fact that it's cheaper by volume than any Tripel you can buy from Belgium. I'm definitely going to be picking up La Fin Du Monde again and again.

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