Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleeman Brewing (Canada)

I like variety packs and this one from Sleeman Brewing is a good one: the twelve pack includes three bottles of four of their different brews and each one has a distinct flavour and each is highly enjoyable.

Sleeman Cream Ale (Canada) 5.0%

A golden yellow beer, it has a slightly skunky smell and taste though more so in the smell than in the taste. A little bitter and tangy with a malty sweetness rounding out the taste. Not the creamiest of cream ales but it tastes good nonetheless.

Sleeman Honey Brown (Canada) 5.2%

A warm brown colour in a glass with a pleasantly frothy head. Smoothly sweet malt taste with a hops tanginess that is mild and mellowed with honey.

Sleeman Light (Canada) 4.0%

Very clear gold in a glass colour in a glass. Smells a little skunky and nutty. It tastes sweet, a little skunky and malty. Quite enjoyable and surprisingly flavourful for a light beer.

Sleeman Original Draught (Canada) 5.0%

Another good beer from Sleeman's. It is gold in a glass. Smells barely skunky, light and fresh. It tastes watery (but not in a bad way) and barely malty, skunky, sort of sweet and fruity which surprised me a little. A noticeably different beer from the light beer, certainly the Sleeman Light isn't based off of the Original Draught. I appreciate that the light beer is it's own brew rather than just a watered down version of a different beer.

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