Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Molson M - Molson-Coors Canada (Canada) 4.9%

Microcarbonated... okay whatever that means, the bubbles do seem smallish and the beer a little smoother than most. The beer is a light gold colour in a glass, a little malty and barely bitter. Overall fairly bland but refreshing. It seems like an upgraded version of a light beer: a slightly better kind of bland with slightly more alcohol.

Molson M is a good enough lager and when I think of just how bad some other international lagers are, I think Molson is justified in using the distinction (slogan?) of "premium lager".

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  1. Hi, it's Forest from Molson here.

    Thanks for the review of Molson M. our team is certainly quite proud of the beer, and of its Gold Medal win at last year's Canadian Brewing Awards in the North American Lager category.

    We're glad that you enjoyed it and want to thank you for taking the time to post.