Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blanche de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Blanche de Bruxelles (Belgium) 4.5%

A light aroma of coriander with citrus (lemon) tones and some sweetness. A little bit like lemon tart squares. Quite a resilient and creamy hint of white foam. Somewhat cloudy and pale gold in a glass.

The flavour is stronger than I expected from the light aroma. The citrus is still there but it takes on a decidedly different form. It is still citrusy but novel somehow, checking out the label I see that it is probably what they call curaçao. Presumably this is the peel of the sour orange that the iconic Blue Curaçao is made from and not the blue liqueur itself. It makes for an interesting flavour and it works very nicely with the coriander. This is a really tasty and interesting Belgian White.

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