Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pumpkin Ale - Clocktower Brewpub (Canada - Ontario - Ottawa)

Pumpkin Ale - Clocktower Brewpub (Canada - Ontario - Ottawa) 

Amber in a glass, clear without much of a head. The aroma is pleasantly pumpkin-ey with a mix of spices, very much like pumpkin pie.

The taste is along the same lines, a good balance of pumpkin spices and pumpkin flavour.  The beer is well carbonated but there is something about the mouthfeel that tells me this beer was made with lots of real pumpkin.

This is a very nice pumpkin ale and if you are in Ottawa it does get much more fresh or more local than this. However, a word of warning: they will serve it with a sprinkle of pumpkin-spice unless you ask them not to. I think the beer's flavour is already nicely balanced so I recommend against the garnish.

Update: I tried it with the pumpkin-spice garnish and it amps up the aroma a notch but doesn't affect the flavour very much past the first few drinks.

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