Saturday, November 13, 2010

Carl's Porter (Carlsberg - Denmark)

Now THIS is an authentic porter. Smooth, barely carbonated, and bitter with strong flavours of black coffee and peat smoke. High in alcohol (7.8%) and opaque in a glass ... really opaque: if you have more than an inch in a glass you can't see through it.

Made by the Carlsberg brewery this is a really nice porter, certainly not a beer that anyone who doesn't like dark beers is going to like, but this is a dark beer for dark beer lovers. Also, considering it is such a strongly flavoured and so dark (have I mentioned it's dark?) this beer is surprisingly light.

I paid 10 DKK (which exchanges for a little under $2.00 CAD) for a 0.33 l bottle of this from the Carlsberg Brewery gift shop. Which I consider a steal of a deal. If you have the chance and like porters I recommend this one.

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